Recognised By: THE PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA & PREMIER/GOVERNOR & CHIEF COMMISSIONER OF POLICE OF VICTORIA      Victoria's first Melbourne Monthly Newspaper since October 1993

About Us

Indian Voice is Victoria's first monthly Indian community newspaper, published in Melbourne. The publication was established on 2nd October 1993, coinciding with Mahatma Gandhi's anniversary.

Indian Voice covers a melange of current affairs concerning the local Indian community, as well as important news from India. It's a secular newspaper, believing 'God is one - we respect all religions'.

Mr Raj Dudeja, conceived the idea of bringing out a publication that would unite Melbourne's Indian community. At that time, the community was living in small groups, scattered all across Melbourne. Having no journalistic qualifications, no prior work experience in the print industry and no solid financial back-up, the pioneer, Mr Dudeja, really struggled to run this newspaper. But very quickly, he started receiving numerous calls for help, daily from members of the Indian community. They united to volunteer their services in writing articles and editing news stories on a regular basis.

This publication proved to be perfect for frustrated businesses who lacked a platform to advertise their products and services. Similarly, members of the community did not know where to search for businesses who would meet their daily needs in terms of Indian groceries, air tickets, books and magazines, matrimonials and a whole lot of other requirements.

Indian Voice is now a very popular publication and it's in great demand. It is now recognised by the Prime Minster of Australia, the Premier, Governor; Chief Commissioner of Police of Victoria; and many Indian associations in Victoria as a leading media publication within Melbourne's Indian community.