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Horoscope for the Month of March 2021

Aries (14 Apr – 13 May)

Mars the Lord is in 2nd house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Family atmosphere will be normal. Wife and children will be little unsettled. Be careful towards the need of the others. After 23rd time will be better at home. Travel: Avoid travel, better time after 23rd. Health: Mental health is not good, avoid discussions. Finance, Business & Job: Partnership business may suffer. Avoid confusions. Work, and other activities will be better. After 23rd time will be favourable. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 12, 15 – 21, 24 – 27, 29 - 31st March 2021.

Taurus (14 May – 14 June)

Rahu is exalted and Mars entered here. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Good time for family and relatives. They will be cooperative. Your circumstances will improve and can balance family support. Travel: Travel will be beneficial. Health: health will improve better. Any old health issues will be settled now. Finance, Business & Job: Work and activities will be good. Partnership will be much helpful. It’s time to expand your financial growth. Maintain equanimity in business & Prayers. GOOD DAYS: 1 - 5, 8 – 14, 17 – 23, 27 – 31st March 2021.

Gemini (15 Jun – 15 Jul)

Mercury is the Lord sitting with Jupiter & Saturn. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: House Lord is surrounded by friends. Time is much better. Courage & eficiency will improve. Family will be happy and cooperative. Travel: Short travel is much beneficial to establish business & family. Health: Health will much balanced. Take healthy diet. Finance, Business & Job: Work and activities will be normal. Business and partnership deal will be cooperative. Expenses may increase but no loss. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 5, 8 – 12, 14 - 18, 20 – 27, 29 – 31st March 2021.

Cancer (16 Jul – 14 Aug)

Saturn, Mercury & Jupiter is ruling here. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Friendly planets are much supportive. It is good for family relations and development. Prayers is good to balance the family life to be comfortable. Travel: Travel is good. Make it purposeful and benebicial. Health: Health will be good. Be careful from outer effects. Finance, Business & Job: Income from business and Job will be better. Be careful in partnership deal at this time, but Investment may be beneficial for further. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 4, 7 – 9, 11 - 13, 15 – 18, 21 – 25, 27 – 31st March 2021.

Leo (15 Aug– 15 Sep)

Sun is Lord observing the house with Mars and Venus. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: There is mixed effects on family and children. Though in beginning it may effect family comfort, but. After 16th time will improve, relationship will be better and you may focus on a new projects. Travel: travel is good for establishing good contacts. Health: health will be better, Finance, Business & Job: Both Job and business ownership will be good, changes and improvement in finance will successful. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 3, 7 – 15, 17 - 21, 24 - 26, 28 - 31st March 2021.

Virgo (16 Sep – 15 Oct)

Rahu and Jupiter have mixed effect. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: At present two planets are clashing in this house. Family might have some confusion at home, but after 16 March. when Sun will transit in Pisces situation will be much better. Children may feel progressive. Travel: travel is possible and successful in 2nd half og March. Health: Mental and body health be better. Finance, Business & Job: Job will be progressive. If you are planing for business, it may be better in 2nd half of month. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 6, 8 – 15, 18 – 25, 27 – 31st March 2021.

Libra (16 Oct – 14 Nov)

Saturn is observing the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Planets are friendly, but a cruel sight of Saturn may disturb family and children’s mind, but prayers will be helpful to balance it. Friends and partners will be active and supportive. Travel: For successful travel, better Plan carefully. Health: health will be improved. Finance, Business & Job: Finances will be better, Partnership business would be progressive. On going Job or business will be gain good prospect in 2nd half of March. GOOD DAYS: 2 – 8, 10 – 15, 18 – 21, 23 – 26, 29 - 31st March 2021.

Scorpio (15 Nov – 15 Dec)

Mars & Rahu are watching, Ketu ruling. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: It has normal effect on family, children and other area of activities. Though Mars is controlling the bad effect and will maintain better. Prayers will be much helpful. Travel: Travel is much beneficial to setup business. Health: Over all health is good, but some time mental health issues need to be alert. Finance, Business & Job: Job and business activities will be good. Financial gain may be normal and progressive. GOOD DAYS: 1, 4 – 10, 13 – 21, 23 – 28,0 & 31st March 2021.

Sagittarius (16 Dec - 14 Jan)

Mars is casting its supportive sight. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Happiness and progress is in Family and friends will be appreciated. It is necessary on every step. Travel: It is good time plan for creative traveling. Health: It is good time to maintain good health. Finance, Business & Job: New Jobs or projects will be successful. Finance, Income and business may also be balanced. Prayers & concentration on planet’s will help. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 3, 7 – 10, 13 – 15, 17 - 20, 23 - 27, 29 - 31st March 2021.

Capricorn (14 Jan – 13 Feb)

Jupiter, Mercury & Saturn are ruling the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Mixed effect of planets leading towards material development as well as create spiritual stinks. it is conditional. Family and children responsibility is a measure factor. Travel: travel is time sensitive. Health: health is better, but need to maintain all times. Finance, Business & Job: you might have more than two resources of income. Your confidence and understanding will support for activities. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 5, 8 – 10, 12 - 14, 16 – 20, 22 – 26, 28 – 31st March 2021.

Aquarius (13Feb – 14th Mar)

Sun & Venus are ruling the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Family and children will be happy if they will be involved in religious activities, Positive thinking and feeling will develop. Friends and relatives will be cooperative. Travel: travel is optional Though it may be beneficial. Health: Health is normal, but little sensitive. Be careful. Finance, Business Job: Business in partnerships is good. Self-employed work or Job would be better. Prayers for planets can secure success. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 7,9 - 14, 16 – 21, 23 – 27, 29 – 31st March 2021.

Pisces (15 Mar – 12Apr)

Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are watching. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Lord Jupiter is debilitated. family life may be facing some problems. Finance, mental peace and progress will be suspicious. In this situation prayers and concentration will be helpful. Travel: Be careful in travels, better avoid. Health: health is conditionally good. Need to be careful. Finance, Business & Job: Job or own business will be better. Progress may improve through hard work. Try to continue the work going on. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 5, 7 - 11, 13 – 18, 21 – 25, 27 – 31st March 2021.

Fast and Festivals

Phalgun Krishna Paksha begins on Sunday 28th February 2021, Angarki Shree Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat on Tuesday 2nd March 2021, Janaki Ashthami Vrat on Saturday 6th March 2021, Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat on Wednesday 9th March 2021, Pradosh Vrat on Wednesday 10th March 2021, Shree Maha Shivaratri Vrat on Thursday 11th March 2021, Phalguni Shanivari Amavasya on Saturday 13th March 2021, Phalgun Shukla Paksh begins on Sunday 14th March 2021, Ram Krishna Param hamsa Jayanti on Monday 15th March 2021, Shree Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat on Wednesday 17th March 2021, Shri yagyavalkya Jayanti on Thursday 18th March 2021, Holastak begins on Sunday 21st March 2021, Shree Durga Ashthami Vrat on Monday 22nd March 2021, Amalki Ekadashi Vrat on Thursday 25th March 2021, Pradosh Vrat on Friday 26th March 2021, Maheshvara or Vrisha Daan Vrat on Saturday 27th March 2021, Phalguni Purnima, Holika Dahan (Burning) on Sunday 28th March 2021, Chaitra Krishna Paksha begins Colour Festival Holi Parva on Monday 29th March 2021, Shri Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat begins on Wednesday 31st March 2021 in afternoon 15:15 hrs.


Panchak begins from Thursday 11th March 2021, in afternoon 14:51 pm and ends on Tuesday 16th March 2021, till Morning 10:14 hrs.

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