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Delhi riots accused names Delhi University Prof Apurvananda

NEW DELHI, 11 AUG.The national capital witnessed riots on February 24 after violence between citizenship law supporters and protesters spiralled out of control leaving at least 53 people dead and around 200 injured. Charge sheets have been filed against several conspirators but DNA's expose today will shock you.

You may find it difficult to believe that a Professor from Delhi University can also be a part of this conspiracy. Delhi riots were a planned conspiracy and revelations made through confessions of accused person authenticate that the communal clashes in February were not spontaneous. Last week, DNA report had anlaysed the confessions of Tahir Hussain, who has emerged as one of the key masterminds of these riots.

The latest confession of an accused woman stated as to how students and professors from esteemed universities extended ideological support to Delhi riots. The confessions of this accused woman, Gulfisha Fatima, is in possession of Zee News. Gulfisha Fatima, who was arrested in April under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) is currently serving a jail term.

The 28-year-old woman is an alumnus of Delhi University and is a resident of Seelampur in Delhi. The area was the hotbed of the Delhi riots in February. Of the 18 accused, who allegedly planned the riots, Gulfisha is named number 8.

In her confessions, Gulfisha told Delhi Police Professor Apurvananda of Delhi University was also part of the conspiracy. He was in fact at the forefront of the planning being hatched for the riots. Gulfisha has confessed that Professor Apoorvananda also praised her after the riots for doing a good job.

Last week, Delhi Police's Special Cell questioned Professor Apurvanand for 5 hours and confiscated his mobile phone for investigation. Apoorvananda, who is a Professor of Hindi at Delhi University, is facing allegations for his role in the Delhi riots. Gulfisha Fatima is learned to have said that Professor Apurvanand had told her that if the police nabbed her, she should not name Apurvananda or other girl students from Delhi University who are members of Pinjra Tod.

Two students associated with the Pinjra Tod are the key accused in the Delhi riots. Gulfisha told police about the planning of these riots in which burqa-clad women were prepared to incite the riot so that no one could be identified. The women were also asked to bring chili powder, which could be poured into the eyes. She added that two WhatsApp groups, Inquilab and Warrior, were also formed precisely for the riots.

The riots in Delhi were carried out in three stages. In the first phase, protests were held against the Citizenship Act and the NRC, roads were jammed under the second phase, while riots were carried out under the third phase. This has been authenticated from the confessions of Gulfisha.

Gulfisha used to visit different streets to mobilise women to incite them to stage protests against the Citizenship Law and NRC. The motive behind bringing burqaclad women to the protest site was that the police would not use force against them, and the same was witnessed in Shaheen Bagh. If the police tried to use force, then the atmosphere will deteriorate and it will ultimately benefit the planners of the riots, she added.

Gulfisha stated that she befriended two members of Delhi University's Pinjra Tod, Devangana and Paroma Rai. The members of this organization are also accused of being involved in the planning of the Delhi riots. They worked under the guidance of Professor Apurvananda, who wanted these protests to appear "secular", thereby showing that the protests did not belong to Muslims only.

According to Gulfisha, she came in contact with Professor Apoorvanand and Rahul Roy, and through them, she met Umar Khalid- -former student leader of JNU. In December, two months before the riots, Apurvanand, and his associates had explained that through protests in the name of the Citizenship Act, they would be able to create an atmosphere of revolt against the government and bring it to its knees.

She also confessed that Apurvanand had told him that the Jamia Coordination Committee of Jamia University students was staging agitation at 20 to 25 places in Delhi. The aim of these protests is to present the anti-Muslim image of the government. The professor is understood to have stated that this would happen only when riots occurred on the pretext of protests.

In association with the Jamia Coordination Committee, Gulfafisha was asked to see a place for a 24-hour demonstration in the Seelampur area. She visited Seelampur and protests followed. For this, Gulfisha was assisted by the Pinjra Tod group. She said that these people used to help with money and used to deliver provocative speeches on the protest site.

These people used to hold secret meetings, in which Prof Apurvanand, Umar Khalid, and others attended. Omar Khalid had told Gulfisha that he also had good relations with the Popular Front of India (PFI) and there was no shortage of money. She was also told that through these protests people will overthrow the Modi government. According to Gulfisha, Umar Khalid respected Professor Apoorvananda like his father.

She further confessed that on February 22, women were gathered on the pretext that they would hold a candle march but they sat down under the Jafrabad Metro station and blocked the road. This was done deliberately and a few days later, there were riots in Seelampur and Zafarabad of Delhi.

Since US President Donald Trump was on his trip to India, these people conspired for riots to tarnish India's image. Keeping this aspect in mind, #Chakka Jam was posted on WhatsApp to make it viral on social media. All this was monitored by Professor Apurvananda, Gulfisha added.

Professor Apurvanand, however, clarified the allegations against him and said that he is surprised that the police is mistakenly arresting those who extended support to protests on the pretext that they were involved in the riots. He expressed hope that the police will investigate the matter impartially.

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