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India to produce world's most expensive Donkey milk

NEW DELHI, 10 AUG.You must have seen dairy of only cow or buffalo milk so far, but very soon dairy of donkey milk is also going to open in the country.

The National Research Centre on Equines (NRCE) is soon going to start donkey milk dairy in Haryana's Hisar. The NRCE in Hisar is set to open diary of milk given by Halari breed of donkey.and NRCE Hisar had already ordered 10 Halari breed donkeys for this purpose. It is learnt that these donkeys are currently undergoing breeding at NRCE Hisar.

It is to be noted that donkey's milk is not only very beneficial for humans, but it can also help in boosting the immunity of our body

The Halari breed of donkey is found in Gujarat and its milk is considered as a treasure of medicines. The donkey of Halari breed has the ability to fight against diseases like cancer, obesity, allergies, etc.

Small children often get allergies from cow or buffalo milk, but the milk from the halari breed of donkey does not cause any allergy to children. Antioxidant, antiaging elements are found in donkey milk, while the amount is very low. The research work on donkey milk was started by Dr. NR Tripathi, former director of NRCE.

Donkey milk is sold in the market from Rs 2000 to Rs 7000 per liter. Beauty products made from donkey milk are quite expensive. Donkey milk is also used to prepare soaps, lip balms, body lotions, etc.

As per SBS Serbian report, selling for just under $2,000 per kilo, 'Pule' donkey cheese made on a nature reserve in Western Serbia is the world's most expensive cheese, with some customers so dedicated to the product they smuggle it all over the world.

On 'DonkeyMilk Australia Facebook, it says: Actress Cindy Crawford also uses milk to keep your face soft and hydrated. She realized that this contains minerals, protein and calcium, essential nutrients for healthy skin. Better, even better Donkey milk !

As per ABC news website (11 December 2005), an Ecuadorean woman, at 116 believed to be the world's oldest person, has revealed she drank donkey's milk as a girl. Maria Esther Heredia Lecaro has been acclaimed by the Guinness Book as the world's oldest person, male or female.

On another website (11 December 2012), it is said, "Novak Djokovic, the champion Serbian tennis player, has bought the world's entire supply of donkey cheese. Pule is a Serbian delicacy made with donkey's milk. It is said to be the world's most expensive cheese, which makes Djokovic's bill all the more exorbitant.

As per www.donkeylistener. com, "Donkey milk is certainly nothing new. Since ancient times humans have known about donkey milk benefits. Donkey milk is a health powerhouse because it contains optimal rates of omega – 3 and omega – 6 fat acids, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Donkey Milk contains many vitamins such as vitamin C (60 times more than cow’s milk), A, D, E and F, and all of these elements make it suitable for children growth and development. Donkey milk may strengthen the immune system which can help the prevention of frequent respiratory virus infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, asthma, and more. It is also more than beneficial for those suffering from osteoporosis.

Donkey milk ice cream, donkey milk fudge sauces, donkey milk chocolates! All healthy and welcome addition to the diet. Donkey Milk Panna Cotta …. one of the best desserts I believe I’ve ever made!

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