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Gambhir slams Afridi for anti-Modi remarks

The Indian cricket fraternity has come down hard on ex-Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi for his controversial remarks on Kashmir and PM Narendra Modi. The controversial cricketer, who has developed a knack of taking shots at India and PM Modi, recently visited Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, a part of the Kashmir which has been illegally occupied by India’s neighbours. The former Pakistan international was reportedly in the region for providing essential items to the locals during the coronavirus pandemic. However, he used the opportunity to once again spew venom against India and PM Modi. In a video that has gone viral, Shahid Afridi could be seen talking ill about PM Modi.

Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi have had a go at each other plenty of times, on and off the field, in the past. But the former India opener Gautam Gambhir hit back at his favourite target former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi for his latest jibe against India PM Narendra Modi and the Indian armed forces. In a video that is making the rounds on Twitter, Afridi is seen interacting with Pakistani army officials posted at the border at POK.

“I had been meaning to meet you’ll for a while now but this pandemic that has hit the world hard, I hope the almighty keeps you’ll safe, he said before hitting out at Modi. “But there is a bigger disease and that is in Modi’s mind, the disease of hatred. He is doing politics of religion and the pain and suffering he has brought, 2kms from here, on our Kashmiri brothers, sisters and elders. Inshallah, he will have to pay for it here on earth as well as in purgatory. He behaves fearless but is a coward. Modi deployed 7 lakh soldiers in Kashmir, same as the total strength of Pakistani forces,” he added.

“Pak has 7 lakh force backed by 20 Cr ppl says 16 yr old man @ SAfridiOfficial. Yet begging for Kashmir for 70 yrs. Jokers like Afridi, Imran & Bajwa can spew venom against India & PM @narendramodi ji to fool Pak ppl but won’t get Kashmir till judgment day! Remember Bangladesh?” Gautam Gambhir replied.

Not very surprisingly, Shahid Afridi is facing the heat for his comments and Indian cricketers have also made sure to slam him. A number of Indian cricketers took to Twitter to criticise Afridi. After watching Afridi’s video, netizens directed their anger at former Indian cricketers in Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh who recently donated to the former Pakistan all-rounder’s charity foundation to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. An angry Harbhajan called Shahid Afridi unworthy of his friendship, while Yuvraj regretted his call for assistance to the Pakistani player's charity -- 'Shahid Afridi Foundation' -- both former India players expressing disappointment at his anti-India comments. "It was Afridi who requested me and Yuvi to do a video in support of his foundation as spread of pandemic doesn't see religion or borders. But then he would time and again make anti-India comments," Harbhajan said. "I feel terrible that I even called him a friend. He is not a worthy human being who can be called a friend. I am done with calling Afridi a friend," he added.

Harbhajan added, "The intention was to support a good cause. But then I hear him make unsavoury statements about my country. Here I try to support you despite being viciously trolled and then you show your class." Asked if the trolling affected him, Harbbhajan said "No, I won't say it affected me because these are people who don't matter in my life. I know the kind of person I am. I don't need to prove my love for my country. Yes, I understand one point. Had this been a charity for Wasim Akram and had I posted a video supporting him, I wouldn't have been criticised or trolled. Because, Akram never insulted my country. So no one would have bothered. But here is a person, who asked for support for a cause and then lectures us on our country speaks more about him than me. Does he want Afridi to know his opinion on the recent comments, Harbhajan said: "Jis gali jaana hi nahin uske bare mein sochna hi kyun (if I am not going to tread that path, why should I even bother thinking about it)."

Meanwhile, Yuvraj also echoed the sentiment in a tweet. "Really disappointed by @SAfridiOfficial's comments on our Hon'b PM @ narendramodi ji. As a responsible Indian who has played for the country, I will never accept such words. I made an appeal on your behest for the sake of humanity. But never again," he said.

Shikhar Dhawan is the latest Indian cricketer who has hit out at Shahid Afridi for his controversial comments on Kashmir during a recent visit to the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. "Is waqt jab saari duniya corona se lad rahi hai us waqt bhi tumko kashmir ki padi hai. Kashmir humara tha humare hai aur humara hi rahega. Chaiyeh 22 crore le ao, humara ek, sava lakh ke barabar hai . Baaki ginti apne aap kar lena," Dhawan tweeted.

Former Indian and CSK star, Suresh Raina said, ““Gosh! What all a person must do to remain relevant! Even more so for a nation that is living on alms. So, better do something for your failed nation and leave #Kashmir alone. I am a proud Kashmiri and it is and will always remain an inalienable part of India. Jai Hind!” The last time India and Pakistan played a match was back in 2012. Since then, the relationship between Pakistan and India has taken a southward swirl. Except for the tournaments that include international participation, there are no series between the two nations. Earlier in February 2020, Shahid Afridi opens up about India-Pakistan relationship and said, “Till Modi is in power, I don’t think we will get any response from India. We have all, including Indians, understood the way Modi thinks. His thinking is inclined towards negativity. People from either side of the border want to travel to each other’s country. I don’t understand what Modi wants to do and what his agenda really is.”

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