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Horoscope for the Month of August 2019

Aries (14 Apr – 13 May)

House Lord Mars is debilitated. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Manglik transit and Sun’s transit indicate problems with partners. You will either be too aggressive or competitive with the partner or too overworked to pay attention to his/her needs. At the same time, peace can be maintained. Travel: There can be discomfort and obstacles in travels. Health: Care your physical as well as emotional health. Financial stress due to real estate dealings. At the place of work and in business, competitors against you and make you a victim of deceit. GOOD DAYS: 4, 7, 10, 11 – 15, 21 – 22, 26, 29 – 31st August 2019.

Taurus (14 May – 14 June)

Jupiter is observing the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: If you choose to stick to your strength areas of being down to earth and seeking balance and harmony in your relationships, you will sail through the month without any troubles. You will be able to maintain a congenial atmosphere at home. Travel: Short travels for learning something new. Health: Health will be good, but expected strength may go down. Finance, Business & Job: Start and finish projects will be Honourable. Job or business is not so good. Mental stress due to real estate deals. GOOD DAYS: 1, 4 – 7, 10 – 14, 17 – 20, 23 – 25, 28 - 31st August 2019.

Gemini (15 Jun – 15 Jul)

Mercury and Rahu are ruling the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Lot of ego clashes with near and dear ones One should be kind to others throughout the month and do not get into any unnecessary enmity from others Travel: Short travels will be very useful for learning something new. Health: Diseases in the eye and mouth area may bother you. Finance, Business & Job: Work and business deal would be good for financial gain. This month is good for financial planning. It should be organised by increase in respect among colleagues, friends and families etc. GOOD DAYS: 2, 3, 6 – 15, 18– 21, 23 – 26 & 30 – 31st August 2019.

Cancer (16 Jul – 14 Aug)

Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are ruling this house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: There is a lot of focus on your own needs and neglecting others. The main problem will be that you will just forget to care about others. A lot of disputes and misunderstandings will be caused due to this attitude. Travel: Travel is during the month will be better. Health: Fatigue and sensitivity will be high. A fear of unknown and anxiety is possible. Finance, Business & Job: Be careful in your written and verbal communication with corrupt people. Please be careful with a long term approach. GOOD DAYS: 1, 4 – 7, 10 – 15, 18 – 20, 23 – 25 & 28 – 39t August 2019.

Leo (15 Aug– 15 Sep)

Saturn is observing on Rahu and Rahu’s sight on the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Hot headedness can cause problems with friend, family, near and dear ones are possible. If you act with diplomacy, your comfort factor will rise and the domestic environment will be very good. Travel: Foreign travel is possible, but no desired results. Health: Anxiety, Stress, Headaches, eye troubles are possible. Finance, Business & Job: It is not a good time at work to get credit of what you are doing. You should be careful with expenditure during the entire month. GOOD DAYS: 2, 3, 6 – 10, 13 – 15, 17 – 22, 24 – 27, 30 – 31st August 2019.

Virgo (16 Sep – 15 Oct)

Saturn is looking the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: You will have plenty of cooperation from friends and colleagues. You may be able to meet some people interesting in new profession. They will have a lasting impact with you. It is time to reflect and research on how you deal with others. Travel: There is few travel opportunities. Health: Health will largely be good. Finance, Business & Job: Working in partnerships and in large teams will be fulfilling. There will be cooperation with others and intellectual. Wasteful expenditure is possible too. Be careful. GOOD DAYS: 1, 8 – 12, 16 – 20, 23 – 27, 29th August 2019.

Libra (16 Oct – 14 Nov)

Mars is observing the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: It will be difficult for you to make many mistakes during the month as almost all transits are favourable and are vedha free. Gains are possible through friends and co-workers. Auspicious events at home. Be a little careful. Travel: There are no major travel during the month. Health: There will be ill-health and anxiety. Heath will be good otherwise. Finance, Business & Job: this is a period of getting ahead in profession, whether you are running your own business or are in a job. Just be a little careful. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 3, 11 – 15, 19 – 22, 24 – 27 & 29 to 31st August 2019.

Scorpio (15 Nov – 15 Dec)

Jupiter is ruling this house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Quarrels with father or gurus are possible. These problems should get over after Sun moves to Leo. Problems with spouse and inlaws may go throughout the month, but things will be slightly better over-all. Travel: Religious travel is possible. Health: You will be worried about Eye and ear disorders, weakness as well. Finance, Business & Job: Alignment with superiors will need to be built. Disagreements with them and mentors at place of work will need to be minimised. Do not work in difference of opinions. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 7, 10 – 15, 18 – 21, 24 – 26, 28 – 31st August 2019.

Sagittarius (16 Dec - 14 Jan)

Saturn & Ketu are ruling the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: There could be unnecessary quarrels and disagreements between partners during the month, but there will be more than enough chances to repair the damage to the relationships. Existing relationships will go through hot and cold phases. Travel: Travel this month will bring luck. Plan well. Health: Be careful with diseases of eyes and ears, headaches possible too. There can be official impediments to acquisition of wealth. It will be good time for students to study and apply knowledge. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 7 - 11 – 12, 17 – 20, 23 – 28 & 31st August 2019.

Capricorn (14 Jan – 13 Feb)

Four planets are observing the house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Arguments between partners will upset the tranquility in domestic environment. There will be lack of cooperation in the affairs of the family. Be careful to improve communication between partners. Travel: There are travel, but it may attract trouble and accidents. Health: Stomach diseases, High blood pressure etc. Finance, Business & Job: Be careful with disagreements between partners on company finances. Impediments in profession can progress. Students will do well during the month. GOOD DAYS: 1, 5 – 10, 13 – 15, 23 – 27 & 29 – 31st August 2019.

Aquarius (13Feb – 14th Mar)

Saturn, Ketu and Mars Looking this house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: It is good time for auspicious events at home. The transit may also help couples who are trying to have baby. There will be happiness in domestic environment. Travel: No major indications about travel, but occasional. Health: Fever, infections and other pitta diseases can bother you. Finance, Business & Job: There may be gains from superiors. Elevation in social status is also possible. Situations will adverse at the place of work due to conflicts. Be careful with legal issues. You can be deceived. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 6, 9 – 12, 16 – 17, 21 – 25, 27 – 29 -31st August 2019.

Pisces (15 Mar – 12Apr)

Jupiter is observing his own house. Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Be careful with children and spend time with them. Quarrels with kin is possible, but there may be comfortable time at home. You may be at peace mentally. You can be creative with a lot of ideas about multi-purpose Travel: No major travel, but sudden may possible. Health: Anxiety and emotional problems can continue. BP, symptoms of heart problems, etc Finance, Business & Job: Gambling will not work. Gains are possible too, if obstacles can come due to over enthusiasm and an over optimistic nature. GOOD DAYS: 2 – 5, 7 – 10, 12 – 15, 18 – 20, 23 – 26, 29 – 31st August 2019.

Fast and Festivals

Shravani Amavashya begins on Wednesday 31st July 2019, Hariyali Teej on Saturday 3rd August 2019, Naag Panchami on Monday 5th August 2019, Kalki Jayanti on Tuesday 6th August 2019, Sheetala Saptami, Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti on Wednesday 7th August 2019, Durga Ashthami on Thursday 8th August 2019, Varalakshmi Vrat on Friday 9th August 2019, Shravan Putrada Ekadashi on Sunday 11th August, chaturth Somavari Pradosh Vrat on Monday 12th August 2019, Raksha Bandhan Shravan Purnima on Thursday 15th August 2019, Bhadrapada begins on Friday 16th August 2019, Simha Sankranti on Saturday 17th August 2019, Kajati Teej on Sunday 18th August 2019, Bahula Chaturthi on Monday 19th August 2019, Balram Jayanti on Wednesday 21st August 2019, Krishna Janmasthami on Friday 23rd August 2019, Dahi Handi on Saturday 24th August 2019, Ajaa Ekadashi on Monday 26th August 2019, Pradosh Vrat on Wednesday 28th August 2019, Darsha Amavashya on Thursday 29th August 2019, Bhadra Amavashya on Friday 30th August 2019, Chandra Darshan on Saturday 31st August 2019.


Panchak begins from Thursday 15th August 2019 in Noon 12:31 hrs and ends on Wednesday 21st August 2019 in Early Morning 02:57 hrs.

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