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Our Two Lands Riya Kiran

Australia and India are two fiercely contrasting countries, but nonetheless share links through the Indian diaspora in Australia and bilateral trade. In recent years, India and Australia’s relationship has begun to strengthen through high level interactions, inclusive of Adani Mining.

Adani Mining, a subsidiary of Adani Group, had proposed and now launched controversial projects in Australia that threaten to rival the country’s movement towards combating climate change. The company claims to be a business that is dedicated to “delivering energy solutions for an advanced world”,laying out projects including Adani Renewable Australia and the Carmichael Mines.

The Carmichael Mine will be the biggest coal mine in Australia’s history. Located in Western Queensland, the thermal coal mine is set to produce over 10 million tonnes of coal per annum, which are to be exported for electricity to Asia, including the company’s home of India.

With it’s mighty population, India demands a great quantity of energy, for vast needs. Approximatley 55% of India’s energy mix is accounted for by coal, making it the primary resource.

Despite being the second largest producer of coal (behind China), major complications prohibit India’s coal sector from thriving, causing a detrimental gap between demand and supply.

Without bilateral cooperation and dialogue India will be unable to satisfy their population’s energy demands.

Australia has the ability to complement these demands, using their technology and resources. Australia’s thermal coal has less pollutant qualities and a higher average energy content in comparison to coal produced in India. It has the capacity to provide to over 100 million homes in India.

However, caught up in the midst of the financial benefits of the Carmicheal mines, we begin to overlook the scientifically reviewed facts surrounding this project.

These mines are set to produce damaging and long lasting impact on Australia’s environment and global climate.

The Carmicheal mines will be granted access to 270 billion litres of Queensland’s groundwater, which allows for contamination and damage of aquifers and groundwater across the region. This raises alarms as groundwater supplies account for almost 1/3rd of our total water consumption. The Great Barrier Reef, will also feel the pain, as burning coal will cause warming of oceans, leading to further extreme bleaching of the world heritage area.

Furthermore, The Climate Council estimates that the mines will lead to an additional 705 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted yearly, which is equivalent to 1.3 times the current annual emissions of Australia.

Coal mines are and will continue to drive climate change, posing life threatening risks to Australia’s environment and population. Yet, on the other hand it has the ability to assist the population through creation of crucial jobs. It is proposed that it will create over 1500 direct jobs in Regional Queensland.

Adani Australia is a power move in Adani’s scheme to own coal mines to feed India’s hunger and additionally secure a long-lasting Australia-India relationship. Groups (such as #STOPADANI) and passionate individuals opposing the Adani mines can be viewed to be hindering the future of this bond. Nevertheless, the mines also need to be seen as a global climate issue, stemming from a dangerous and unsustainable energy source.

While our Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is actively committed to reducing carbon emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement, Indian companies such as Adani Mining, will continue to utilize Australian environments to feed India’s imperative need for energy.

Ultimately, as Australian-Indians, we are obliged to consider whether it is worth exhausting the land we currently live on, to support our needful home land.

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