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Match Making

September 2018: Matrimonial Proposals

MATCH required for my brother, Aus citizen, 5’-9”, 31, h/some, average, fair, Masters in IT, working in ANZ Bank in Melb. We are Punjabi Sikh Saini family. Contact sister on 0433 265 835 or email

MATCH required for my daughter, Aus citizen, 30, 5'4", fair skin colour, Bengali family, working as Geologist. Match must be at least Masters and 5'8". Caste no bar. Contact Father in Kolkata: 0011 91 9007 107 893.

AUS citizen man, Pensioner, 63, 165cms, healthy, Christian of Indian b/ground, looking for a single lady with no attachments, for friendship or companionship. Caste/religion no bar. Mobile: 0451 750 698.

MATCH required for my sister, Indian-born Canadian citizen, 5’5”, 36 (looks younger), beautiful, slim, fair, convent educated, divorced (issueless), visiting Aus in Oct. Brother in Melb. 0433770646 or

HINDU match required for my daughter, Aus citizen, 32, 5'-4", fair, average, veg, good looking, Bach in Info Systems, working in IT in Canberra. We are south Indian family. 0415948567,

MATCH required for my niece, 31, 5'4", very fair, Anglo Indian Catholic family, working as Air Hostess in Bangalore, flying inter'l for 11 yrs, done B.A. Uncle in Melb. Details: or call 04 111 93749.

MATCH for a good looking Hindu boy, Aus Citizen, 6', Athletic Physique, 35 (looks younger), MPA from Deakin, self-employed, issueless divorcee. Caste no bar. Ph: 0420 693 449 or

SPIRITUAL & family man, with caring nature, required for an Aus citizen, divorced lady (with child), settled in Melb, 5'4", slim, honest, veg. Gujarati preferred, will consider others. Ph: 0403 952 963.

MATCH required for my brother, Sood boy, 1991-born, 5-11”, involved in business in India. Looking for a PR girl in Aus, or on Student Visa; or in India with IELTS. Contact sis in Melb: 0426531 871 or 001191-9815720632.

MATCH required for my only son, Bachelor in IT from La Trobe Uni, Aus citizen, 5’9”, 1986-born, working witha bank in Melb. Punjabi Khatri family settled in Delhi. Ph: +91 9910 653533 or

MATCH required for my niece, Aus citizen, divorced, 1984-born, 5'5", MIB, working in Bank in Melb. Contact: Uncle in Melb: 03 9329 9286 or Father Agrawal in India 0011 91 9433 008454 or email:

MATCH required for my brother, 5'8", 1995-born, running own restaurant in Spain. We are Punjabi Khatri family, looking for a girl, preferably in nursing, even on student visa in Aus. Contact sister in Melb. 0450 873 152.

JAT Sikh widower, Aus PR, 51, 5'8", looking for any upper caste PR/ citizen Punjabi life partner. Has two sons, owns two houses in Melb & Chandigarh, good job. Ph: 0470 387 389. E-mail:

MATCH required for my brother, Rajput Minhas, 5'-11", 1990-born, slim, fair, working Chef in Italian rest't in Melb. prefer medical b/ground, inc student in Aus or NZ. Email sister in Melb.

MATCH required for my sister, 5'-0", 41, beautiful, slim, fair, working Account Mgr with m/national co in India. We are Ramgarhia Sikh family, settled in Melb. Call: 0405285696 or Email:

MATCH required for a smart, tall, slim, & beautiful Sikh Khatri girl, MCA, 1992-born, 5’-8”, working Web Developer in a S/ware Co in India. Has got tourist visa for Aus. Contact Aunt in Sydney on 0451 873 778.

MATCH required for my sister, 5’-7”, 38, divorcee/issueless, beautiful, slim, fair, BA, working with airline in Dubai. We are Hindu Jat family. Sister settled in Melb. Email: or call 0432 292 187.

MATCH required for my sister, Saraswat Brahmin, 1982-born, 5'4", slim, fair, M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed, M.Phil, working as College Lecturer in India. Email: or call +917206161229.

MATCH required for a Fiji Indian male, 48, 5'6, Aus citizen, working in Melb.Ring: 0422 207 052.

MATCH required for a Hindu Punjabi girl, PR of NZ, 36, never married, 5'4", M.Com from India and Masters in Business from NZ, working in NZ as Manager in New World. Caste no bar. Call sis in Vic 0405 662 994.

MATCH required for my sister, 25, 5'4", Masters in H/Resources, working HR Consultant in Sineologix Tech in Vadodara, Gujarat. Sister settled in Melb. Marathi/Gujarati pref'd. Email:

HINDU Punjabi match required for my sister, Aus citizen, 1977-born, 5'3", slim, fair, beautiful, M.Sc IT, B.Ed, Community Welfare, working in Melb. Divorced, living with one 8-yo son. Contact sister in Melb. 040 5010 111.

MATCH required for my daughter, Aus Citizen, beautiful, fair, Dec-1984 born, Masters in Professional Accounting from Monash Uni, working in a bank in Melb. Contact +61 449196014 Email:

MATCH required for a Hindu Punjabi boy, 5'8", 1978-born, CPA, working in Sydney, divorced (no children), seeks well educated employed in Aus. Girl of the like minded family email:

MATCH required for an Aus citizen man, 39, 5'11", working executive in Melb, drawing high 6-figure salary, divorced. Well-cultured, beautiful, professional girl pref'd. or 0420 877 042.

MATCH required for my brother-inlaw,Jatt Sikh turban boy, 6', 1991- born, lived in Melb and did Dip in Mechanical, seeking Aus PR girl, caste no bar. Ring: 0459 590 248 or

JATT Sikh boy required for my sister, Jatt Sikh, 5'-3", 1992-born, doing MBA in Melb, seeking Aus PR/ citizen. Ring: 0459 590 248 or email:

MATCH required for a Hindu Arora boy, 5’-8”, 32, Bachelor of Accounting, working as taxi driver in Melb. PR applied in accounting. Girls in Aus only need to apply. Contact: 0414-765-978.

MATCH required for my sister, Aus PR, Hindu Khatri, 5’6”, 37, M.Sc. in Microbiology and M.Sc in Food Science, divorcee (no kids), working as Manager in a m/national co in Melb. Email: or call brother in Melb 0426 718 962.

MATCH required for my sister, 32, 5'-6", fair, slim, divorced (no kids), BSc(Eco) & B.Ed, teaching in Punjab. Aus PR/Citizen preferred. We are SandhuJatt family. Call brother (Aus citizen) in Melb: 0406 162 082.

MATCH required for my sister, 5’-6”,34, Aus PR, beautiful, slim, fair, BA, working in Melb, divorcee (with a 7-yo daughter). All siblings settled in Melb. Jatt boy preferred. Contact: 0424 765 985.

MATCH required for my sister, Arora, 5'1, 1984-born, beautiful, slim (divorced), running business in Chandigarh (at high scale). Caste no bar. Ph sis in Melb: 0426 368 636 or

MATCHrequired for my brother-in law, Jatt Sikh turban boy, 6', 1991- born, lived in Melb, did Diploma in Mechanical. Caste no bar, seeking Aus PR girl. Email: charanjitbajwa07@ or call 0459 590 248.

MATCH required for our son, 6',26, fair, average-built, Australian born, Honours degree, working as IT consultant. We are a well established Aus Jat Sikh family. Email

MATCH required for my sister, North Indian Punjabi family, 38, 5'8", fair, slim, MA, BEd, teacher in Amritsar. Brother chef & settled in Aus. Contact: 043 88 966 58 or email:

MATCH required for Arora/Khatri Khurana boy, 27, 5'8", B.Tech & M.Tech, slim, fair, handsome, working in Govt job in Panchkula, living in Chandigarh, India. Ring mom: 0011 91 9041951082 or 9592 865100.

PROFESSIONAL Punjabi Hindu Khatri match required for our Ausborn, Sydney settled, Vegetarian, Law Graduate, 26-yo, 5'5", fair and slim daughter. Email details to:

MATCH required for my son, Aus Citizen, Hindu Arora, never married, 35 (looks younger), 5'5", (62 kg), very fair, BE from RMIT, working with Aus Govt in Melb. Overseas citizens are welcome. Email:

MATCH required for an Aus PR Jatt Sikh girl, 39, 5’6”, issueless divorcee, healthcare worker in Melb. Only Jatt Sikh boy, 35-40, tall, smart, educated, well settled PR boy in Aus need to apply. WhatsApp no. 0401 341 468

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