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This time be Independent in Bentleigh: Oscar Lobo

MELBOURNE, 10 SEP. A member of the local Indian community, Mr Oscar Lobo will be contesting the Victorian State Government Elections, to be held on 24 November 2018.

He will be contesting from Bentleigh Electorate which comprises of seven suburbs: Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, Brighton East, Hampton East, McKinnon, Moorabbin and Ormond.

By highlighting the problems within the major political parties in Australia, Mr Lobo is seeking your support in voting him for the betterment of this Electorate.

"Victoria is faced with many challenges and the gaps between the wants of political parties and the needs of the people are lost in the maze of fine distinction. People are rightly concerned and they need a change. It is time to stop going through the revolving door syndrome electing major parties every four years," Mr Lobo says.

"I have worked in four countries prior to migrating to Australia. I have lived in Bentleigh electorate for the last 19 years and I appreciate Australia's cultural diversity. I am aware of the problems in this electorate and I am keen to address those issues after winning this seat," former Deputy Mayor of Glen Eira City Council Mr Lobo said.

Mr Lobo said, "I have worked as Manager and Head of Internal Controls in areas of banking and marketing, I am shocked at the waste and deception the Banking Royal Commission has unveiled."

Mr Lobo raises following issues which are affecting the whole nation and he says someone else needs to address these issues as the major political parties have failed to fulfil their basic responsibilities. He says, it's time people had used thephrase 'think outside the box':

1. Public safety, home safety, bullying and sexual harassments in schools and workplaces, assaults, thefts, family violence, support for rape victims and the much ignored continuity of State Mental Health Services.

2. Education system needs to be enhanced keeping in line with world standards.

3 Focusing more on the retention of good teachers rather than spending time and money only on the modifications and improvements to school buildings. A programme to ensure that the multicultural and new students blends with mainstream Australians.

4. Proper security is to be provided in the hospital to protect doctors, nurses and other staff.

5. Judicial sentencing and prisoners' diversion programs need to be re-looked so as to reduce prisons overcrowding.

6. Better spending of public money, ensure reduction of utility bills, high cost of living, employment also for students after completion of TAFE courses. We do not need political or business rorts.

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