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Free Buffet Lunch at Crown Casino

MELBOURNE, 9 FEB. The Indian Seniors Association-West (ISAW) Inc is inviting its members to attend Buffet Lunch at Crown Casino on Friday, the 16th February 2018 at no cost to its members.

The Founder President of ISAW, Arjan Dev Tuli has informed Indian Voice that Crown Casino is offering this Buffet Lunch to Seniors at a concessional rate of $7 per person under its Red Carpet Program and the Association is paying for it. "This means 'no cost' to our members."

The Association is looking for more members from communities, including ethnic Pakistanis, Fijians, South Africans, Sri Lankans and other Indian sub-continent countries, to join them and enjoy the benefits of being together under one large umbrella.

Mr Tuli said, "I established ISAW in October 2011 which now has a membership of 65."

"ISAW is recognised by the Brimbank City Council, Ministry of Multicultural Affairs and the Department of Health who provide their support in running our activities."

"I thought of creating this Organisation with a view to bringing an enjoyable life to the Seniors who were either locked in their homes while their children and grandchildren had gone out to work and schools. Some of the Seniors had no vehicles to drive around; some wouldn't know how to drive; while others were unable to drive at this age. At the same time, these people were desperately looking for a company where they had the opportunity to share their views and experiences, have lunch or a cup of tea/coffee together. These are the main reasons of my creating this Organisation."

Mr Tuli said, "On the 20th of last month, we organised a picnic for our members to go to Hare Krishna Valley in Bambra. It's really a very peaceful and environment-friendly place and the members thoroughly enjoyed the outing."

"We meet regularly on every third Saturday at the recently renovated St. Albans Community Centre from 10.30 am till 14.00 pm. The Centre is very close to St. Albans Metro Station. The Association also provides transport to and from home to weak and frail Seniors to enable them to attend the meetings. The Association's activities include Yoga, Board Games, Bingo, Information sessions, tea, lunch etc. We also regularly arrange picnics and Buffet lunches for members," Mr Tuli said.

Following are the offic-ebearers of the Association:
President: Arjan Tuli
Vice President: Bharti Singh
Secretary: Brij Joshi
Treasurer: Gopinath Nair.

For further info, contact Mr Arjan Dev Tuli on 0449 087 427 or 9390 2818 or email:

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