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Match Making

January 2018: Matrimonial Proposals

MATCH required for my daughter, fair, beautiful, Hindu, Punjabi (caste no bar), 5'0", 36, never married, B.A/ PGDTT, worked as immigration officer in India for 8 yrs, currently visiting Melb. Details: 0410 315 058.

MATCH required for a Gursikh Arora boy, 23, 5’10”, Graduate, having a sub dealership of Hero Motorcycles in Punjab. Father runs a nursing college. Details: WhatsApp +91 9876102733 or email:

MATCH required for a Hindu Arora boy, 5’-8”, 32, Bachelor of Accounting, working as taxi driver in Melb. PR applied in accounting. Girls in Aus only need to apply. Contact: 0414-765-978.

MATCH required for my sister, Aus PR, 25, 5'6", B.Tech Electronic (India) & MS from Latrobe Uni (Melb), slim, fair, beautiful, Punjabi Sikh family (caste no bar). Students also welcome. Ring brother in NZ: 0064 221575476.

AUS-BORN Punjabi boy required for an Aus-born, beautiful, religious, vegetarian, family oriented girl. 26, 5'6", law graduate. Only 26-28-yearold professionals need apply. Email:

MATCH required for my brother, 5'9", 31, BA, own business in Punjab, Hindu Brahmin family (caste no bar). He is currently visiting Aus. Brother settled in Aus. Contact: 0450 508 355, email:

MATCH required for my brother, Jatt Sikh, 5'8", 1994-born, handsome, educated, working in the Indian Army, living in Moga, Punjab. Girls on student visa or PR in Melb welcome. Contact: 0011 91 9878 588 750.

MATCH required for an Aus citizen Jat Sikh (clean shaven) boy, 5’-8”, 29, BA from India & Dip in Hospitality & M/ment (Australia). Working in Transport industry in Melb. Ring:0434 423 700 or

MATCH required (between 38-52) for a beautiful female, Aus citizen, 45 (looks much younger), Hindu (caste no bar), divorcee, professional educator, own house. Email: or Ph: 0422 794 566.

MATCH required for my son, North Indian Punjabi Chawla (caste no bar), Aus citizen, divorced (issueless), 39, 5'8". CPA, running own home loan business in Melb. Email: or ph:042 332 9732.

MATCH required for my nephew, Punjabi Arora (Grover), 5'11", 27, smart, sincere & hardworking, B.Tech (Elec & Comm), working as Proj Mgr in Mohali (Punjab). Contact: 0468 406 370.

MATCH required for my sister, SC (Lamba), 24, 5’9”, M.Com, teaching IELTS in India. She will be in Adelaide in Feb. Brother settled in Aus. Looking for an Aus PR/citizen boy. 0451 56 11 30 or +91-9729148889.

MATCH required for an Aus citizen boy, anulled after very short marriage, 34, 5'11", MBA, working as Business Analyst in T/com in Melb. Brahmin family. Contact: 0429 326 127 or email:

MATCH required for my brother, Punjabi Brahmin, 35, 5’-10”, very h/some, BA, running property business in India. Brother, sister settled in Melb. Caste/age no bar. 0450172 519, email:

MATCH for my niece, Aus citizen, divorced, 32, 5'5", MIB, working at Westpac Bank, Melb. Contact uncle in Melb: 03 9329 9286 or 0011 91 9433 008454 or emai:

BROTHER seeks Hindu alliance for his sister, Gujarati, 39, 5'-3", unmarried, fair skin, medium built, Graduate, working in Dubai. Contact: 0412 346 590 or email:

MATCH required for an Aus citizen, Hindu Brahmin boy, 34, 183cm, athletic built, working in a bank in Melb, awaiting divorce, have 1 little dtr, caste/age no bar.

DOCTOR match required for an Aus citizen Hindu girl, 26, 5’3’’, fair, slim, working as doctor in Victoria. Highly motivated, caring and with strong family values. Details:

MATCH required for an Aus citizen Hindu Brahmin Tamil Iyer man, 37, 6', Masters in Business & Info Tech from Uni of Melb, now working there as Teaching Assistant. Contact: 0426 170 327 or

MATCH required for an Aus PR Punjabi Hindu boy, 1984-born 5'6", living in Melb. Caste no bar. Girl must be sincere. Contact: 0451 644 238.

MATCH required for a 38-yo h/some, clean-shaven Sikh Khatri boy, 5'-11", Aus Citizen, Senior Engineer in Melb, 6-fig-salary, divorced. Ph: 0420 877 042 or profile ID: SH05250188.

MATCH required for my sister, Gaur Brahmin, 29, 5'-1", slim, fair, done MCA, divorced with 1 child, currently living in Haryana. Whole family settled in Melb. She is very homely. Email:

MATCH required for a 37-yo, North Indian Hindu girl, 5', fair, beautiful, veg, graduate, having an 8-yo son, lived in Aus for 1 yr, now back in India. Whole family Aus citizen. Ph: 0430 089 175 or 0011 91 90530 33654.

MATCH required for an Indian man, single, 47. No cast no bar. Contact: 0410 907 695 or

SEEKING alliance for my son, 32, 6’, Masters in Design from IIT Kanpur and MFDI & MEM from Sydney, working in QBE Sydney as UX Designer. Looking for a slim Brahmin girl. Contact +91 9848994624,

MATCH required for my son, nevermarried Tamil Iyer, 40, 6'-2", healthy & h/some, IT M/ment Consultant. Family settled in Aus. Contact:

MATCH required for a Ramgaria teetotaller boy, 1992-born, 5'-9", Mech. Engr (B.E) working in Ludhiana. Caste no bar. Willing to settle abroad. Ph: +91-9780343500, +91- 9988403500,

MATCH required for my Jatt Sikh brother (caste no bar), 6', 1989-born, Hotel M/ment, working with a bank in India. Only PR/Citizen can apply. Email:

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