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Horoscope for the Month of April 2017

Aries (14 Apr – 13 May)

Mars the house Lord is with Mercury. Sun is in Pisces with Venus. Here Venus is combusted. Work and activities will be normal. Business and finances will be good. Physiological weakness and mind may effect many types of developments in family, business and professions. Financial loss on many needful items and unnecessary expenses may occur. Luxurious thinking may increase and hard to concentrate on purposeful activities. Though Mars is in its own house can balance some activities and support creative work. After 13th Sun will be exalted and becomes more creative and supportive. GOOD DAYS: 2, 4 – 10, 12 – 18, 20 – 27, 29 & 30th April 2017.

Taurus (14 May – 14 June)

House Lord is combusted. Work and activities may be effected and slow down. Work, business and other activities will be normal in first half of the month. In 2nd half when Sun will move to Aries, Venus will be strong and can work towards self sufficiency. Family life, parents and other close relatives will be happy, comfortable and supportive. Some time freedom leads a man luxurious life and may increase expenses more. Jupiter is observing Sun Venus. It blocks the progress in business and professional activities. In this time Vaishakh Mahatmya and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra will help. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 3, 5 – 10, 12 – 16, 18 – 23, 26 – 30th .April 2017.

Gemini (15 Jun – 15 Jul)

Saturn is observing this house. Mercury and Saturn combination is good for private and independent activities. Venus is exalted on 10th house. It is very good time for work, business and professions. Beginning of New Year and Durga pooja is much fruitful. On 10th April when Mercury will be retrograde, It may effect some sudden activities. Misunderstanding in family members and partners in business can harm financial growth, confusions etc. After 13th April Sun can balance the activities. Creative thinking and fast activities will be possible towards Business, finance and Job. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 8, 9 – 16, 18 – 22, 25 – 29th April 2017.

Cancer (16 Jul – 14 Aug)

Mars sight is debilitated at this house. Work and activities will be little slow. A running business or Job will go normal. Financial progress is better. Though hard work and tiredness may frustrate your mind. Close relatives and family members may be unhappy and non-supportive. In 2nd half of the month, Mars will move to the house of income. It will be a good move. You can get good respect in the field of business and society. Name and fame will develop. Many opportunities in business field and new Job or projects may come in contacts. Time will be favourable. Mother's prayer will work. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 4, 6 – 10, 12 – 15, 17 – 22, 24 – 27, 29 & 30th April 2017.

Leo (15 Aug– 15 Sep)

Rahu is situated in this house of Sun. It is harming mainly of health issues. Work and activities will be hard, but even then result will be unsatisfactory. Some time frustration may cause to change the line of activities. After 13th April when Sun will transit, some changes will be observed. Progress will develop confidence and high established people will come in the field of your business to support the activities. New projects and courage will enhance your Moral. If you want to change your job, just see the opportunity. You will find better position. Prater of Mother is helpful.GOOD DAYS: 1, 3 – 11, 13 – 18, 20 – 23, 26 – 30th April 2017.

Virgo (16 Sep – 15 Oct)

Jupiter is in this house. It is effecting mainly on health issues. Sun and Venus are observing the house. Many confusions and frustrations are capturing the mind and surroundings. Work and activities will be normal. Close friends and relatives may behave badly. After 9th April struggle and many challenges will appear. Saturn's two and half years effect will increase much domestic probes. Beyond all such situations keep your mind creative, make new planning and try to implement it. “Necessity is mother of invention” Work, business and profession will all take new shape and turn. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 10, 12, 14 – 17, 19 – 22, 24 – 25, 27 – 30th April 2017.

Libra (16 Oct – 14 Nov)

Mars and Mercury is observing this house. Work and activities will be better. Job will be good. Partial benefit in business and profession will be normal. Expenses on luxurious items will be high. Anger and excitation may block your progress. Sudden loss is possible. Control your temper. After all disturbances your income will be normal and supportive to meet out your expenses. Business and finances will be balanced in 2nd half of the month. Some time it is difficult to balance the family and domestic ups and downs. Mind may get puzzled, but if you adopt a remedy, it will work. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 3, 5 – 14, 62 – 19, 21, 23 – 27, 29 & 30th April 2017.

Scorpio (15 Nov – 15 Dec)

Mars is observing its own house. Rahu is in 10th house. Work and activities will be progressive. Job will go better, business and finance will be much better. Family, relatives and friends will be helpful and expenses will be high on luxurious items. Some blocked activities and wealth will release. Time is good. Mental balance and calmness is very fruitful. Ant types of impatience and excitation may block the progress. In any circumstance one should try to know the purpose of birth what for I am on earth. Any progress is not final. Better understanding can sustain your progress long lasting. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 9, 12 – 20, 23, 25 – 28 & 30th April 2017.

Sagittarius (16 Dec - 14 Jan)

Saturn is situated in this house. Human nature will turn towards religious and spiritual activities. Work activities and business will expand. New projects will be established, finances will improve and many good deeds will develop now. Don’t believe on others, but trust on your confidence and merits. Develop your concentration power and control your anger and excitation. Otherwise it may harm in multiple ways. 2nd half of the month is good, but still the problems will continue. So on every step your firmness is most important. Sudden Journey may be harmful. Be careful and alert. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 6, 8 - 11, 13 – 15, 17 – 18, 20 – 26, 28 – 30th April 2017.

Capricorn (14 Jan – 13 Feb)

Jupiter has debilitated sight on this house. Financial problems, frustrations, unfulfilled plans and injury in journey are the factors in this time. Beyond all difficult situations financial gain is possible. Work and business will be good, but it is effortful. Time is good or bad, but our confidence and positive feeling supports on every step of life. Usually, people live in normal life style and lead an ignorant life. So confusion, misunderstanding, greed and ego come on every step. At the last week of the month financial transaction, family maintenance and support of work should deal carefully. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 11, 14 – 16, 18 – 27 and 29th April 2017.

Aquarius (13Feb – 14th Mar)

Lord Saturn’s cruel sight is on this house. Work and activities will be normal. Business and profession will go better. Financial gain will be moderate. Job and business will be little difficult. Hard work and struggle will be more. Jupiter is in eighth house. So health may be down, stomach disorder, secret anxiety and family confusions etc have to face on every step. Journey will not be successful. Be one pointed and concentrate on your program. Your success will be according to your will power. At the last week of the month you may be involved in vehicles buy and sale successful. GOOD DAYS: 1, 2, 4 – 10, 12 – 14, 16, 18 – 24, 26 – 30th April 2017.

Pisces (15 Mar– 12Apr)

Here is Sun, exalted Venus and retrograde Jupiter’s full sight. Financial hardship, struggle and many such problems due to come. Be alert, concentrate on prayers and develop your confidence to control the situation. Work and activities will be normal. Finance wise problems are coming. Control your temper. Highly officers will be helpful if your behaviour is positive. Business is good, but hard work and patience will pay you more. After 15th April time is changing. Respect to elders and family members. You will find much prosperous atmosphere at work and business place. Pray Sun. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 6, 8 – 18, 20, 22 – 26, 29 – 30th April 2017.

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