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Horoscope for the Month of November 2016

Aries (14 Apr – 13 May)

This month seems fortunate for you. House lord Mars reach to the fate house. Work and activities would be very much cooperative. Business and finance will improve now. Blessings of Mata Mahalakshmi will be seen in different places. Life is much properous. However, your health might get affected. Stomach related issues are possible. Eye disorder is also possible. After the middle of this month, family problems might get negative affect. Float coconut in running water on Wedn. Establish Saraswati Yantra at worship place. GOOD DAYS: 1, 2, 6 – 10, 14 – 20, 24 – 30th November 2016.

Taurus (14 May – 14 June)

House Lord is observing its own house with Saturn. It opens path of self-sufficiency, independent work or business. Many blocked activities will improve. Financial issues will be better and prayers will be heard. Though expenses may go high. Whether is changing, after 8th Nov unfavourable health issues might be troublesome. Your married life in the beginning of this month will improve. Job work and resources of income will improve and you will receive success. Wear one faced Rudraksha on Sunday morning to keep yourself disease free and away from problem due to seniors. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 4, 8 – 13, 16 – 22, 26 – 30th November 2016.

Gemini (15 Jun – 15 Jul)

House Lord is with Sun, Rahu and Mars are observing with direct sight, it will give you success in everything you pick. This month you will be blessed with Meetings, outings, journeys and similar things will keep you busy. Work and activities will improve. New contacts will develop and you will spend quality time with your friends for resettlement of your carrier. Keep your neighbour more friendly. Some time governmental and domestic problems may persist. Problems improve thinking, alertness and confidence. To keep your health and immune, wear emerald in Wednesday morning. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 6, 10 – 15, 19 – 25, 28 – 30th November 2016.

Cancer (16 Jul – 14 Aug)

Mars is observing through debilitated sight. Work and activities may suffer. Financial planning may confuse. You might have to take help from people who are close to you in order to complete your pending works. You may adjust and compromise your plans and work according to them for time being. Be cautious as other people may try to get credited for the works done by you and might also get succeed in it too. Balance your self in such hard situation. 2Nd half of the month may be better. Remedy: Keep Sampoorna Rog Nashak Yantra at place of worship on Thursday pray Rahu & Ketu. GOOD DAYS: 3 – 8, 12 – 17, 21 – 27th November 2016.

Leo (15 Aug– 15 Sep)

Saturn and Rahu combination is little tough at this time. House Lord is debilitated. Avoid inimical feelings from anyone. Also avoid giving logic, otherwise losses might occur for you unnecessarily. If you have taken money on debt, this month is good to repay it back. Identify the talent of your children. If possible delay the major decisions related to family. Businessmen are advised that don’t take any decision in a hurry and also don’t make any investment. Work and activities will be normal. After 17th Sun will be in 4th house. Most improvements are possible. Do charity for Saturn. GOOD DAYS: 1, 2, 6 – 10, 14 – 20, 24 – 30th November 2016.

Virgo (16 Sep – 15 Oct)

Sun and Mercury are in 2nd house. It is developing new contacts with highly established people. Sudden money gain and expenses on entertainment will be measure. Work and activities will be much improved. Jupiter also is very much supportive in this house. It will improve business and financial resources. Time is good, but other side your enemies might try to harm you, thus you must stay cautious. Someone might try to intervene in your success and works. Someone might also try to entrap you by talking and wasting your time. Use the powers of Baglamukhi Yantra to gain peace. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 4, 8 – 13, 16 – 22, 26 – 30th November 2016.

Libra (16 Oct – 14 Nov)

Sun is debilitated in this house. It is effecting on family health issues. Too much expenses and confusions in family. Work and activities would be suffering. Saturn's 7 ½ year's effect is disturbing resources of income. Business will be disturbed or not much responsive. All are effecting your mental health. Ideological differences might also come between you, your life partner and siblings. In this period it is advised to get you Vastu checked and family health. Transition of Sun after 17th November will make some relief from tension. Prayer of Sun offering water and Mantra will help. GOOD DAYS: 1 – 6, 10 – 15, 19 – 25, 28 – 30th November 2016.

Scorpio (15 Nov – 15 Dec)

Saturn and Venus are very supportive planet for independent activities. Work and profession will be much better, mainly business and freelance resources of income will work. Expenses will be going to increase on entertainments and family comforts. You will be supported with creativity and far sightedness. Time is favourable for getting success in exams and competitions. Mars is going to be exalted soon it will work for better contacts with high officials and improvements in your business. Work with patience and get better return. Offer vermilion (sindoor), jasmine oil to Lord Hanuman. GOOD DAYS: 3 – 8, 12 – 17, 21 – 27th November 2016.

Sagittarius (16 Dec - 14 Jan)

Debilitated Sun in fate house and Saturn's bad effect is spoiling this house. Work and activities will be normal, but due to non-supportive planetary position work and business will suffer. It may effect your health mental and physiological. Though few planets are transiting this month and time to time your income will improve. To complete your work on time, make sure you share a healthy bond with your seniors. Proper planning and management will be required to head toward a successful tomorrow. People who envy you will try to take credit of works done by you. 2Nd half Nov be better. GOOD DAYS: 1, 2, 6 – 10, 14 – 20, 24 – 30th November 2016.

Capricorn (14 Jan – 13 Feb)

Mars is just Transiting in this house, it good for work, business, name, fame and respect in society. Financial gain and promotion in profession will be much significant. Many blocked activities will improve and reactivate. Mars will look at the sevenths house. It may effect your family life, but it is conditional. Most of the people perform remedies that effects significantly. Saturn and Jupiter's sight may effect your health. It is obvious to take precautions. Family member will support in your work and business. Make the best use of such opportunities. Prayer of Saturn, Rahu Ketu is helpful. GOOD DAYS: 1- 4, 8 – 13, 16 – 22, 26 – 30th November 2016.

Aquarius (13Feb – 14th Mar)

Venus and Saturn are in 10th house. It is improving business. Work and activities will be normal and progressive. Some ups and downs are still effective. Expenses seem going up this month. Being an intelligent soul, try looking for ways to bring expenses in control. Most of you will take interest in doing creative things this month. Relax and Meditate, if you feel bored and frustrated from the dull & hectic daily routine. After 16th Nov Sun and Saturn are combining in 10th house. It may confuse and many ways: like; business, family relations and expenses issues. Prayer of Sun will be helpful. GOOD DAYS: 1- 6, 10 – 15, 19 – 25, 28 – 30th November 2016.

Pisces (15 Mar– 12Apr)

House Lord Jupiter is observing with full sight. Work and activities will improve better this time, but Sun is debilitated. It is effecting health and resistance of the body. Business, finance are all slow. Though November is good to repay debts. Short journey will bring great rewards for you. Don’t let jealousy develop in you and try to improve your flaws. Students will get result of their hard work. After 16Th Nov finance will improve and most of the problems will be under control. Day to day changes will be necessary to accept as it is planetary gift. Charity, donation for Saturn will help. GOOD DAYS: 3 – 8, 12 – 17, 21 – 27th November 2016.

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