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Horoscope for the Month of November

Aries: (14 Apr – 13 May) Foreign contacts, business proposals and new planning will take place. Though this month so far Sun and Saturn are observing this house, some struggle, hard work tension and ill health may happen. Business will improve, financial development will also be much positive. Check your family health time to time and be careful. Family friends and relative will come closer. After 27th Nov fi nancial growth,work, business and other ctivities will improve better. Good day: 2, 4 – 10, 12 – 18, 20 – 27, 29 & 30th November 2014.

Taurus (14 May – 14 June) Be careful about the work and activties. Most probably hard work and struggle some approaches may be adoptable. Work and activites will be normal. Domestic restlessness, confusions and unwanted discussions will be happen. Understanding, compromise and prosperity will be less. Business mainly partnership and cooperation with co-workers will be lost. 2nd half of the month means from 17th on words will and activities will be better, fi nancial resources and normal feeling will improve. Good days: 1 – 3, 5 – 10, 12 – 16, 18 – 23, 26 – 30th Nov 2014.

Gemini: (15 Jun – 15 Jul) Work and activities will be suffering with uncertaintly. Business may be unpredictible. Though luck and fate depends upon your personal achievments. So benefi ts may be more or less. It is advisable to adopt a safer side for the progress in all activties. Good and bad time always changable. Meanwhile just be careful about perosnal and family health and development. Time will change. Concentration, hard work, prayers and planning will work and you will succeed. Good days: 1 – 8, 9 – 16, 18 – 22, 25 – 29th November 2014.

Cancer: (16 Jul – 14 Aug) Struggle some situation alerts the mind to understand the personal status. Knowledge and intelligence both are being tested. Business will be mornal and progressive. Work and activities will be better. Expenses may be high and frustrating. Though such situation may prolong for the whole month, but movement of Sun and Mars will make some improvement in all activities. Health, mind, work, business and family will be cooperative and supportive for the progress now. Good days: 1 – 4, 6 – 10, 12 – 15, 17 – 22, 24 – 27, 29 & 30th November 2014.

Leo: (15 Aug– 15 Sep) Mental tension, irritations and physical weakness is normal. Once you know the situation you can take precausions. If some thing is not working in normal course, it needs prayers, concentration and strong eff orts to achieve the goal. Beyond hard work and struggle some activities, if any failore comes still continue the eff orts with patience. Movement of the planets are still not cooperative. It is all Krmic, but soon the bad time will change and clearity in mind will develop. Good days: 1, 3 – 11, 13 – 18, 20 – 23, 26 – 30th November 2014.

Virgo: (16 Sep – 15 Oct) Planets positive and negative approaches may make many appreciable progress in this time. Rahu may develop business and sudden money gain, Mercury can improve the business and related fi elds. Hard work is not necessary, but intelligence and creativity will work for the progress. Family life is good, children will be progressive and close relative will be happy and cooperative. Plandets change the position, but situation will not change. Pray mother Durga and count mantras. Good days: 1 – 10, 12, 14 – 17, 19 – 22, 24 – 25, 27 – 30th Novermber 2014.

LIBRA: (16 Oct – 14 Nov) Planets are moving, but situation is not changing or improving. Though these transitions will make appreciable approach for the development in may fields. Saturn's situation will be supportive for you, but Sun is still radiating negative energy. Health, mind and other activities are effected, but after 6th Nov time will change. You can buy lands, Vehicles, properties and comfortable items. Close elative will help you for developing your business and foreign contacts. For all advancements take precausions. Good days: 1 – 3, 5 – 14, 62 – 19, 21, 23 – 27, 29 & 30th November 2014.

SCORPIO: (15 Nov – 15 Dec) Work and activities will be much better. Jupiter has very postrive sight for all developments. Mars and Jupiter develops better position in business, Job and fi nances. Every all professional fi elds are also very much improving. Saturn's entry will help for higher spiritual field. It is combined effect of all three planets that can make signifi cant changes in you on words journey. For precise development you need to be very alert, prompt and particular. Your one pointed approaches will be appreciable. Good days: 1 – 9, 12 – 20, 23, 25 – 28 & 30th November 2014.

Sagittarius: (16 Dec - 14 Jan) Work and profession will have mixed eff ect. Business and other activities shall need right decision for development . It is not easy and effortless, but collection of many good opinions may support the planning and project. Spirituality is the base of all developments and Saturn introduces it very precisely. Your decision, planing and approaches will secure your progress. Be careful about your health, mind, body pain and restlessness. Prayer of lord Shiva and Mantra counting may help. Good days: 1 – 6, 8 - 11, 13 – 15, 17 – 18, 20 – 26, 28 – 30th November 2014.

Capricorn: (14 Jan – 13 Feb) There are mixed effects of both Saturn and Jupiter though development is not much appreciable because both are casting melific effect on it. Work and activities will be normal, but progressive. Hard work, strong concentration and struggle will be base of good and needful achievments. 2nd half of the month may eff ect the health, mind and family peace. Take care about family, parents and other relatives. After 28th Nov desired fi elds will progress for betterment. Saturn's prayer and mantra counting may help. Good days: 1 – 11, 14 – 16, 18 – 27 and 29th November 2014.

Aquarius: (13Feb – 14th Mar) Work and activities will be better. Many changes will be seen in our daily developments. Job will promote. Business will expand and foreign contacts will be appreciable. Those who are related with politics and expectiong betterment will get opportunities. Social activities, family developments and comfortable life style will be now take place. Do not irritate or blame any one, but observe your good health. Proper medication and concentreate on prayer for Saturn and mantra etc. Good days: 1, 2, 4 – 10, 12 – 14, 16, 18 – 24, 26 – 30th November 2014.

Pisces: (15 Mar– 12Apr) Work and activities will be progressive. Job and business will be much better. Life style will change. Now on words time is getting much better. Highly established plople will come in contact. Their help and cooperation will make appreciable deed. If you are planning for social activities you will get good progress, positive energy and nature support. Foreign contacts may be helpful for the progress of your plannings and project. After 23rd Nov. planets are changing. It may eff ect income, expenses and mental health. Good days: 1 – 6, 8 – 18, 20, 22 – 26, 29 – 30th Nov 2014.

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