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Horoscope for the month of May

ARIES: (14 Apr – 13 May) There are many changes expected in this month. Work and activities will be progressive. Blocked activities will be reactivated. Changes or promotion in Job and business are possible. Celebration and function in family, happy atmosphere and good feeling will be at home. You need to be alert and take precaution. Even in business partnership may be confusing, but financial goal will be achieved. Pray for Lord Hanuman to maintain peace and progress in family.
Good day: 2, 4 – 10, 12 – 18, 20 – 27, 29 – 31st May 2014.

LEO: (15 Aug– 15 Sep) All approaches will be successful. Work and business will promote. Financial gain will be excellent. Possibility is for sudden money gain and help to promote your desired activities. Celebrations and functions will be launched at home. Previous blocked activities may promote. Some specific personality may support your business and planning. Take care of family and children's health. Their cooperation and close relative will enhance your courage for better progress. Pray for MahALAKSHMI with shree sukta.
Good days: 1, 3 – 11, 13 – 18, 20 – 23, 26 – 31st May 2014.

SAGITTARIUS: (16 Dec - 14 Jan) Time is supportive and challenging for many activities. Work and activities will be better. Business and fi nance will be needful. Social and religious bent up will be much supportive. New projects and planning will promote. Job and activities will be moderate. First half of the month is much progressive, but 2nd half of the month may cause some ups and downs. Planetary changes may eff ect other activities. Sudden expenses and financial need may disturb your mental health.
Good days: 1 – 6, 8 - 11, 13 – 15, 17 – 18, 20 – 26, 28 – 31st May 2014.

TAURUS (14 May – 14 June) It is good for progress and promotion. Work and activities will be much better. Business will promote, new contact and foreign supports will expand the business. Finance wise it is very good time. Control your fund and expenses. Friends and close relatives will come closer to help you. Enemies may disturb your program. Precaution would be necessary at every moment. After 24th May Venus will change the position. It may harm your progress and can eff ect your health, hard work, frustration and restless.
Good days: 1 – 3, 5 – 10, 12 – 16, 18 – 23, 26 – 31st May.

GEMINI: (15 Jun – 15 Jul) Beyond all mental restlessness your goal will be fulfilled. Good function, celebration and happy atmosphere at home. Desire of our close family members will be fulfi lled. Work and activities will be successful. Mercury is coming in 12th house on 4th May. It may cause unnecessary expenses on different purpose, but a measure work may be done and will cause mental peace, happiness. Old friends and close relative will come in contact. Their help and support will promote your business and fi nances.
Good days: 1 – 8, 9 – 16, 18 – 22, 25 – 31st May 2014.

CANCER: (16 Jul – 14 Aug) Work and activities will be progressive. Jupiter is in 12th and Saturn is observing from 10th sight. It has mixed effect this month. Highly established people will come in contact. Resources of income will improve. New projects will be launched and progress will be much signifi cant. Be alert for Safe driving and physical injury. Though time is good. Income and expenses will be much supportive for expansion of business and profession. Job may promote.
Good days: 1 – 4, 6 – 10, 12 – 15, 17 – 22, 24 – 27, 29 - 31st May 2014.

VIRGO: (16 Sep – 15 Oct) Some time a puzzlement may capture your mind because of Saturn's eff ect, but you have open option to balance it with your confidence concentration. Time is favourable and supportive. Any pro and cons is helpful for progress. Make the best use of time and opportunity. Job may promote and business will establish and expand. After 15th May planetary changes may still maintain your progress in the fi eld of activities. Pray to Saturn and Rahu for peace
Good days: 1 – 10, 12, 14 – 17, 19 – 22, 24 – 25, 27 – 31st May 2014.

LIBRA: (16 Oct – 14 Nov) Time is favourable. Don't be over confi dent, but a nature support will be with you for all your activities. Work and profession will be progressive. Business will be supported and financial gain will be excellent. Close relatives and friends will come closer, extend their helping hand to promote your work. Prayer and eff orts will cooperate with you. Family and children will provide better support for your progress. Religious and Social bent up is courageous.
Good days: 1 – 3, 5 – 14, 62 – 19, 21, 23 – 27, 29 – 31st May 2014.

SCORPIO: (15 Nov – 15 Dec) Work and activities will be much progressive. Changes or promotion in Job and financial circumstances will be encouraging. Business will expand and new contacts will develop. Some highly established man will like to help your program. Situation is very positive, but some time your personal problems may come on the pay block the activities. Saturn and Rahu situated in 12th house may disturb your planning. Some time, mental tension, bad health, stomach disorder may cause hindrance in work.
Good days: 1 – 9, 12 – 20, 23, 25 – 28 – 31st May 2014.

CAPRICORN: (14 Jan – 13 Feb) It is very safer time. Many problems and solutions will come in action. Work and profession will be normal. Business will be as it was before, but many blocks will be cleared. Close relatives may be unhappy and can't help, but this is time to understand your personal status. Hard work and struggle is not bad approach for achieving a status. Watch the situation take a pause and then decide how to maintain a proper source of income and manage to avoid problems. Recite Sunder Kand of Ramayana and balance yourself.
Good days: 1 – 11, 14 – 16, 18 – 27 - 31st May 2014.

AQUARIUS: (13FEB – 14th Mar) Work and activities will be much better. Progress in Job and business will be positive. Though house lord Saturn is with Rahu, sometime it disturbs all the activities, but even the effect of good planets can support your plan and program. It seems that the benefits coming in hand, it is difficult to make the best use of it. Income and expenses may be high, but do not forget the religious and social activities. Your interest will generate good merits for better progress. Courage will always support you.
Good days: 1, 2, 4 – 10, 12 – 14, 16, 18 – 24, 26 – 31st May 2014.

PISCES: (15 Mar– 12Apr) Work and activities will be much better. Income and expenses will be balanced. Business will be good. Some time Mars's observation at this house is creates confusion and misunderstanding in the family. Health wise is too Mars is not supportive. Precaution is needed for many things like, mental and physical health, work, business, family health and social activities. An alert mind can balance with all the situation. Pray for Mother Durga and concentrate on Mantra.
Good days: 1 – 6, 8 – 18, 20, 22 – 26, 29 – 31st May 2014


LABOUR DAY on Thursday 1st May 2014, Akshay tritiya on Friday 2nd May 2014, Adya Shankar- acharya Jayanti on Sunday 4th May 2014, Ramanujacharya Jayanti on Monday 5th May 2014, Ganga Saptami on Tuesday 6th May 2014, Durga Ashthami on Wednesday 7th May 2014, Sita Navami on Thursday 8th May 2014, Mohini Ekadashi on Saturday 10th May 2014, Soma Pradosh Vrat on Monday 12th May 2014, Nrisingh Chaturdashi on Tuesday 13th May 2014, Vaishakh Purnima Snaan, Kurma Jayanti on Wednesday 14th May 2014, Naarad Jayanti Veena daan on Friday 16th May 2014, Shri Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat on Saturday 17th May 2014, Durga Ashthami on Wednesday 21st May 2014, Apra Ekadashi on Saturday 24th May 2014, Soma Pradosh Vrat on Monday 26th May 2014, Vat Savitri Vrat on Wednesday 28th May 2014, Rambha Vrat Rana Pratap Jayanti on 31st May 2014.

Panchak: Panchak begins from Wednesday 21st May 2014 in noon at 12:10 hrs and ends on Sunday 25th May 2014 at evening 20:40 hrs.

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